mardi 27 novembre 2012

Max in Barcelona

-Hi Max, you went in trip to Barcelona.

Max. Yeah bro. I bought my ticket the day before going there and  just left with my bike and my bag.

-Arriving in Barcelona then what did you do?

Max. I went to see my girlfriend. I met her on the beach by surprise. I cruised and looking around to find a place to sleep. Without much money, no life insurance. The first few days I was riding close to the port of Barcelona and at the ''Parallele'' a known riding spot.

-I heard that you have an insane story about your trip?

Max. Yes, the 3rd night after few beers in my stomach I slept at the port. I chained my bike with my bag and used it for my pillow head. The morning after everything was gone. My passport, my wallet, my clothes was inside my bag and I still had to spend three weeks there.

-The rest of your trip must have been hard enough?

Max. The first thing I thought is, I won't leave till I find my bike even if my girlfriend told me to going back to Quebec.

-How did you happen to your needs during this time?

Max. After the departure of my girlfriend I rummaged through the garbage and looking for food. I met a lot of bad people, I was chilling especially with a local ''Naim'' , he tried  to help me for finding my bike, eating and begging. After several days it was become a way of life anyway I had no choice. I was in the street.

-You've probably got a good experience of life?

Max. Really. If you want to travel you need a safe place to sleep. We can't control all the circumstances of a trip. I've been camping across the United States without any problems but in poor countries like Spain you have to be really careful. People steal to survive there.